Strong Regulation

Regulatory compliance

Cosmetic regulations vary from country to country as each country has its own rules, regulations and list of banned ingredients. The regulatory experts at Proveda Herbals ensure that your final product fits all the applicable regulations and quality assurance requirements of the target market.

Custom Services for Creative Innovation

Our experts are always ready for a good challenge and like to combine all our skills to come up with creative solutions for innovative projects. We also provide custom formulation and contract manufacturing services. To know more on how Proveda Herbals can help you move your project forward, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Regulatory Compliance

There are times when success can be hindered by unknown restrictions. At Proveda Herbals, we lend full assistance to overcome any industry red tape and regulatory compliance that may arise in either the domestic or international marketplaces. We are familiar with the global control procedures in most countries and can assist with all aspects of product registration.

We also provide documented certifications that may be requested, such as:

Certificate of Manufacture

Certificate of Free sale

BSE Certificates

GMP Certificates

Certificate of Analysis

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

Returned and Salvaged Products